Crystal Light Ice Tea Vanilla Soft Serve Mix
.8142 Reg Crystal Light Lemonade Crystal Light Lemonade
.9142 Reg Crystal Light Raspberry Ice Ice Cream Cones
1.10/42 Decaf Crystal Light Peach Tea TEA
1.50/42 Reg In-Between Crystal Light Sunrise Orange Mickey's 96/1 oz
1.50/42 Lite Crystal Light Raspberry Green Tea Mickey's 24/4 oz
1.50/42 Decaf  Crystal Light Raspberry Lemonade Mickey's 32/3 oz
.5/100 Reg Crystal Light Fruit Punch Mickey's Concentrate
2.00 Dark  Crystal Light PeachMangoGreenTea Lipton 96/1 oz
Whole Bean  Crystal Light Cherry Pomegranate Lemon Juice
1.75 Filter Pack Crystal Light Wild Strawberry PAPER OR PLASTIC
Folgers  Tang Sport Fruit Punch Napkins
.8/42 Reg Tang Sport Lemon Lime Paper Towels
.8/42 Decaf  Tang Sport Orange Food Trays
.9/42 Reg Tang Sport Orange Energy Can Liners
.9/42 Decaf CAPPUCCINO Forks
.9/150 Reg French Vanilla Spoons
.9/160 Reg FP French Vanilla-Fat Free Knives
.8/40 Reg FP Swiss Mocha Plates
.8/40 Decaf FP Butternut Chocolate Bowls
Maxwell House WhitCarmChoc Copy Paper
1/1/42 Reg Butterfinger Toilet Paper
1.1/42 Decaf Hazelnut CUPS
1.20/42 Reg FP  Cinnamon Vanilla Nut 6oz
1.20/42 Decaf FP Cinnamon Roll 8oz
Starbucks Peanut Butter Cup 12oz
Breakfast Blend (Mild)  Cinnamon Coffee Cake 14oz
House Blend (Mild) English Toffee 16oz
House Blend (Med) CONDIMENTS 20oz
Sumatra (Extra Bold)  Cream Cannister 24oz
Caffe Verona (Bold) Cream Packets 32oz
Cafe Estima Blend (Bold) Coffee Mate French Van 50 Ct 44oz
French Roast (Extra Bold) Coffee Mate Cinn VanillaCream 50 Ct LIDS
Starbucks 8oz. Cup  Coffee Mate Amaretto 50 Ct 12oz
Starbucks 12oz. Cup Coffee Mate Irish Cream 50 Ct 14oz
Starbucks Lid Coffee Mate Mocha 50 Ct 16oz
Starbucks Sleeves Coffee Mate Hazelnut 50 Ct 24oz
Starbucks Napkins Coffee Mate Original Pump 32oz
Starbucks Gourmet Hot Cocoa Coffee Mate French Van Pump BAGS
Starbucks Wooden Stirrers Coffee Mate Hazelnut Pumo #2
MARS DRINKS (Flavia) Coffees Int'I FrenCh Vanilla 288 Ct #4
House Blend (Med)  Int'I Hazelnut 288 Ct #6
Breakfast Blend (Mild) Int'I Amaretto 288 Ct #8
House Blend Decaf (Med) Int'I Cinn Hazelnut 288 Ct #12
Costa Rica (Med) Int'l Choc Creme 288 Ct #16
Expresso Roast (Dark) Int'l Irish Creme 288 Ct #25
Sumatra (Dark) Half/Half Cream #57
Intense Dark Roast (Dark) SugarCannisters #75
Kenya (Mild) Sugar Packets 2000 Ct CONCESSIONS
Kona Blend (Mild)  Sweet Thing Cheese
French Vanilla (Med) Equal Chili
Hazelnut (Med) Splenda Chips
French Roast (Dark) The Original Slushie Company Peppers
English Breakfast Tea Strawberry Cotton Candy
Green Tea Sour Apple Popcorn Packs
White Tea and Orange  Blue Raspberry Popcorn Bags
Exotic Chai Tea Cherry Bottled Water
Cappuccino/Latte Swirl Watermelon MISCELLANEOUS
Milky Way Swirl   Bar Mixes Equipment
Dove Hot Chocolate Peach Decanters
  Bellini Filters
Swiss Miss Cocoa 50 Ct Margarita  
Swiss Miss S/F Cocoa 25 Ct Pina Colada  
Swiss Miss Marsh Cocoa 50 Ct Hurricane  
Butternut Cocoa 50 Ct Strawberry  
Butternut S/F Cocoa 25 Ct STIRS & STRAWS  
French Van. Cappuccino 25 Ct  Stirs 5"  
Hot Apple Cider Stirs 7"  
  Straws 7"  
  Straws 10"